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What actually is hydraulics?

    Funktionsweise eines hydraulischen Wagenhebers

    (Oil) hydraulics, or more precisely hydrostatics, is essentially concerned with the transmission of force effects and power through the static pressure of the fluid:

    The picture shows the principle of power transmission between two pistons through a liquid column. The hydraulic jack, for example, also works according to this principle. This principle is fundamental for oil hydraulics. Valves (control devices for controlling the fluid flow) are added. The drive pump is a hydraulic pump driven directly by an electric motor or internal combustion engine. Alternatively, the hydraulic pump can also be driven mechanically, e.g. by a power take-off shaft.

    Funktionsweise eines hydraulischen Wagenhebers

    Where are hydraulics used?

    Hydraulics are used wherever extremely high forces are required in a small space. Typical applications include construction machinery such as excavators, agricultural machinery, sweepers, plastic injection machines, presses and much more. Impressive examples where hydraulics are used can be found above all in the construction industry. One such example is the lifting of the Schierstein Bridge near Mainz.