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Zahnradmotor Hydraulik mit verzahnter Welle

Hydraulic gear motor - high speed at low price

What is a gear motor?

Gear motors are hydraulic motors in their constructional design of a gear pump very similar. Unlike gear pumps, gear motors are designed for both directions of rotation and are equipped with a leakage oil connection. Gear motors are constant speed motors and high speed motors. High-speed hydraulic motors are used in the speed range above 500 rpm.


Structure of gear motors

A basic distinction is made between internal and external gear motors, the latter being the most common type.

The gear motor has two gears of the same size, they run in opposite directions. The gears meet in the center of the housing, where they compress the hydraulic fluid. This creates a torque that is delivered via the output shaft of the motor.

Aufbau eines Hydraulik Zahnradmotors
Quelle: Bosch Rexroth

External gear motors are characterized by a compact design and high power density. The gear motor consists of only a few components. The housing is usually made of an extruded aluminum profile, which is why the manufacturing costs of gear motors are low.

Applications of gear motors

Gear motors are mainly used in mobile hydraulics (construction machinery, agricultural or municipal equipment). Typical applications are, for example, the drive of conveyor belts, spreading discs, fans, screw conveyors or blowers.

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