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About us

Our Mission

Our goal was and still is to give our customers the most optimal use. In our Hydraulics Shop we try to present product descriptions and information as detailed as possible, so that our customers can reach their goal as directly as possible. Besides, our products aren’t standard. Our goal was to find and sell specific hydraulic componets that you cant find at evey corner. We dont just want to sell hydraulic. Advice and service are our top priority.

When we founded our business in 2004, our vision was,to be the biggest online-hydraulic seller in the german speaking industry. We already started in 2005 to present our products up in our webshop and trading platforms like ebay. Meanwhile we focused more on direct marketing. Unfortunately, we lost our way during this time, and the cost-benefit effect was modest. Hydromot was in a very difficult state at the time.

What did we do? The proverbial switch flipped: For about 7 years, the focus has been entirely on online trading. This is the only way we can offer our customers hydraulic products at a good price-performance ratio and cover our costs.

Why Luxemburg?

Some may think: “They are in Luxembourg to save taxes”. Well, 20 years ago, that might have worked. But in the 21st century in the EU, other values count. Atleast for us We are not a large international company that can afford its own law firms to exploit every tax loophole. That wasn’t our goal. We live and work in Europe, so we also pay our taxes here. Period.

For us, the Luxembourg location turned out to be the right choice, with many advantages, but also disadvantages. Luxembourg is attractive for employees from Germany and France, among others. The official language in Luxembourg is both German and French. The French- and German-speaking regions are important markets for us. With the site in Luxembourg, we are ideally located to serve both markets. However, it must also be said, and this is a disadvantage, that both labor costs and real estate prices in Luxembourg are quite a bit higher than in other European countries Nevertheless: We love Luxembourg, it is small but nice.

Bild Luxemburg Stadt

Our Team

Teambild der Hydromot Mitarbeiter
Our team from left to right: Jens, Olga, Dyhia, Astrid, Rainer and Florian.

In the meantime, our team has grown to seven employees. Florian is our managing director and also the first contact person when it comes to technical questions. Rainer takes care of orders and inquiries from our German speaking customers. Dyhia is the contact person for the French and English speaking customers. Jens is our man for connectivity as well as Amazon and he manages our warehouse. Astrid supports our accounting department and also walks the Amazon paths. Olga, our newest team member, is responsible for online marketing and takes care of our online store.